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We’re proud to have a unique, vibrant and passionate team that creates an inclusive and inspiring environment for potential students of all levels and backgrounds. Please use the Information link for further details. We currently offer Level 3 & Level 4 Diplomas in Theatre Arts  with Dang Syllabus -Teaching Pathway

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Teaching Diplomas

The Dang Theatre and Dance Syllabus are pleased to offer a suite of Level 3 and Level 4 diplomas that cater for students who wish to gain a recognised teaching qualification.

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Teacher Training: Student Life

Level 3 Diploma in Theatre Arts: Student Teacher Pathway

A distance learning qualification for students (14+) who are currently working, or hope to be working, in an assistant capacity within a performing arts school.  The qualification consists of the following modules:

  • Unit 1: Observation

  • Unit 2: Planning Teaching Activities

  • Unit 3: Safe Practice


Level 4 Diploma in Theatre Arts: Teaching Pathway

A distance learning qualification aimed at teachers (18 years+) who wish to specialise in musical theatre teaching practice. This Level 4 Diploma qualification offers a rounded study of pedagogical approaches, safe teaching practice, lesson planning and health and well-being. The diploma requires you to have access to teaching a class of students in musical theatre. The qualification consists of the following modules:


  • Unit 1: Understanding Learning

  • Unit 2: Safe and Inclusive Teaching

  • Unit 3: Physical and Mental Well-Being

  • Unit 4: Planning, Evaluating and Facilitating Learning

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