Performing Arts

The Robyn Academy delivers a comprehensive training in the Performing Arts; classes cover the three main disciplines of Theatre Performance, which are Dance, Drama and Singing.

Speech & Drama

Speech & Drama is taught using the Trinity Guildhall syllabus.The Trinity Guildhall syllabus in Speech and Drama offers the candidates complete freedom of choice of performance items, including acting and poetry-speaking. Candidates have a choice between sight-reading or story-telling, including improvisation and discussion of the selected pieces including (as the grades advance) relevant aspects of theory.
This syllabus is a very good choice for candidates wishing to broaden and enrich their understanding of literature, as well as for those wishing to progress in a range of speech performance skills.



Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre is one of the fastest growing areas of interest within the dramatic arts with a huge trend set by the BBC’s searches for new leading performers for the West End Stage. A fusion of modern music and dance styles putting the performers in the Spotlight. Trinity & LAMDA Grade examinations in Musical Theatre are available for solo, pair, and group work. The three disciplines that are examined are singing, acting, and movement. Candidates need to demonstrate their ability in these skills through integrative performance. At all levels the syllabus offers a wide choice for selection of performance material, which may include material from the candidate’s own country or culture.

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Acting at the Robyn Academy is structured to be a journey into the creative, artistic, emotional and intellectual commitment, which is demanded and expected of the actor in his/her craft today.

The principles and methods that are common to acting will be explored in a relaxed and yet disciplined manner. This will be structured in performance and play devising workshops, physicality of theatre (movement), text work as a group and solo pieces (monologues), including the study of playwrights and their influence throughout the history of theatre.

Students will be encouraged to be totally committed to their projects and see each subject explored in their classes as building blocks to their craft as actors.

They will also be encouraged to be courageous and imaginative in the classes, to be intuitive and put to good use their growing knowledge of the theatre.

The Robyn Academy acting class is where you will not only learn stagecraft but also the demands of theatre, from simple introductory to acting in our preliminary classes to the more advanced classes where the student will learn to be proficient enough to know and cope with the framework and structure of professional theatre.

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Song & Dance Solos

Private Vocal Coaching

At the Robyn Academy we have a professional vocal coach that will help train your voice.

Your voice is a musical instrument and with practice, whatever your age, you can develop its range and power of expression just like any other instrument!

One-to-one vocal lessons can be beneficial for:

  • people with little singing experience and confidence, who may think they are ‘tone deaf’
  • people who want to join a choir/singing group but lack confidence
  • people who want to perform a song for a special occasion or practice for an audition
  • people who already are in a singing group/choir and want to extend their skills
  • people who make presentations in their work
  • people who want to develop their solo voices


Through gentle breathing and vocal exercises, we will explore the physiology and dynamics of the voice and work towards freeing the potential vocal range. We will focus on posture, breath support and relaxation, using the whole body as your instrument. You will be given exercises that you can take away and practice and we will work on specific songs or text of your choice.

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