Classical Dance

The Robyn Academy has a strong classical focus with most students starting Ballet classes and either supplementing this training or transferring to other dance forms.

The school runs a number of classical ballet classes and for those who have the aptitude and ability the option of an invitation only scholars class. The Scholars Class provides extended training in Ballet and in the graceful art of Classical Greek Dance and the more complex National Dance.

Classical Ballet

Today there are many forms of dance which are on offer to toddlers, children and adults however it is often overlooked that many of the best exponents of these dance forms have a strong Ballet training at their core. Ballet teaches the basics of dance; control of the body, musicality, posture, focus and self discipline. These traits are valuable irrespective of whether you are looking for your child to start at Primary Ballet or if you are training for an audition at the Royal Ballet School. 

Classes offered include:

  • RQF graded Ballet classes
  • Scholars Classes
  • Professional Ballet Training
  • Festival & Competition Coaching
  • Private Tuition
  • Pointe Work

Classical Greek

This form of movement provides immense enjoyment and an opportunity for creativity. The student also acquires balance and control, relaxation, elevation, clarity of line, grace and ease of movement and the development of musical understanding.

The more advanced work allows for a greater study of the visual arts, literature and mythology and develops the various different aspects of this work which includes not only lyrical dance but also athletic, pyrrhic, bacchic, choric, ritual and tragic, all of which can be applied to the world of today. It is undoubtedly one of the best methods of teaching stage movement and dramatic expression in dance form.

Robyn Academy 129

National Dance

The aim of National Dance is to bring the influence and culture of European National Dance to all age levels and in doing so develops a sense of community and awareness of others. Students have the opportunity to study the traditional dances, costumes, music and customs of a wide range of national dances.

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