Ballerina Classes

Little Robyn Ballerina Dance for children ages 21/2 to 5

Ballerina¬†Dance classes have arrived at the Robyn Academy! This unique dance experience for children aged 2 1/2 to 5 has been inspired by the film ‘Ballerina’.

Little Robyn classes allows children to develop their musicality, imagination and motor skills in classes that nurture their creative development.

Our innovative dance programme has been designed by professionals who are all highly skilled and follows the methods of Ofqual recognised exam boards.The half-hour classes not only introduce children to the early movements in ballet, jazz and musical theatre, they also focus on socialization skills, positive values and classroom behaviours through the carefully created story telling interactive movement.

Little Robyns Ballerina Class – age 2 1/2+

Students will cover the Nursery & Character syllabus. Classes are small and students are expected to participate independently, no parents are permitted to enter the studio during the class.

First Ballet Class age 4 1/2 +

Our Preparatory ballet class is a step up from the Little Robyns class with a focus on mastering basic classical ballet technique and terminology. Classes follow the IDTA syllabi with an emphasis on creativity and motor skill awareness.

Primary Ballet Class age 5 ¬Ĺ +

As students progress through the school our ballet classes build in technical development that follows the growth and abilities of the child. At Primary level the students will have already taken medals and awards that have enhanced confidence and creativity. At Primary level students will learn a set syllabus and be able to practice independently and perform small enchainments and exercises. Classes follow the Cecchetti Syllabus.