The Robyn Academy aims to provide you with as much relevant information as possible and here you will find helpful information on everything from classes, uniform to festivals. With nearly 70 classes a week, there’s certainly a lot going on, and as busy parents it can sometimes be tricky keeping on top of all of your child activities, parties and events.

At the Academy we try to help you keep on top of everything related to dancing via our unique online portal. Here parents can register your child, view the timetables, add new classes, see your account statement and pay your bill. We will also keep you updated via email, newsletters and regular updates on our facebook page and via twitter.

Parent Handbook

IF you or your child has never been to a dance school before you probably will wonder what do all the grades mean? How do you tie a ballet bun? Where can I get information? What do I wear? Our parent handbook tells you almost everything you need to know about attending classes at The Robyn Academy or for that matter any other school.

Download the Parent Handbook PDF

Festival Information

Festivals and competitions are excellent opportunities for students to go out and test themselves against other dancers. At the Robyn Academy we offer the chance for students to enter a range of festivals. Each festival has a set of rules which you will need to be aware of and we will post these rules online.

Link to Festivals Page.


We will endeavor to keep you informed of all up and coming examinations sessions. To view current sessions and closing dates please see our timetable of events page .

Link to events.

School Shows and Performances

Like all busy theatre schools show times can be a tad confusing for the new parent. At the Robyn Academy we have a PTA `The Robyn Academy FriendsĀ“ who help co-ordinate the smooth running of the annual shows. All information will be sent via email and correct monies and forms need to be returned to the reception desk by the deadlines specified. The Robyn Academy friends have their own closed Facebook group where you can find out answers from other parents in the school.

All timings and dates will be displayed on the calendar of events page.