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Dance Store

01-02-2017 | Featured
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Our Student Shows

17-04-2014 | Featured

At the Robyn Academy it doesn´t matter if you are the re-incarnation of Darcy Bussell or Fred Flintstone, if you attend the classes and work hard we will give you the chance on stage, at festivals or at local fetes.  Performing in front of a crowd is a fantastic experience and really helps to build childrens confidence.

Something for everyone

Whether you are an enthusiastic beginner, a budding performer or a teacher looking to re-train the Academy offers something for everyone.  We offer a huge selection of dance styles for all ages including ballet, jazz, street, tap, commercial, Lyrical, Acrobatics, performing arts, early years & cheerleading.  If one lesson doesn´t suit you then it doesn´t matter there´s plenty of options to swop.

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Rockyn Robyns

We offer a range of popular classes for 7 to 18 years, from full scale theatrical performance, QCF accredited dance examinations, medal awards and British Federation festivals.

From the age of 7 the Robyn Academy has a vast range of classes on offer, anything from Ballet to Acrobatic and Acting to Vocal Coaching. To find the best class suited to your needs we have categorized the subjects into 4 genres. All students will participate in our annual full-scale production at the Woodville Theatre and have the opportunity of taking examinations, medal tests and awards. Please follow the links to see full class descriptions.

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Adult and Teacher Training

10-04-2014 | Featured

The Robyn Academy is able to offer a range of adult social classes including ballet, tap and commercial dance. The Academy works alongside the BBO offering qualifications towards a dance teaching career.

Adult ballet, tap & jazz are already on the new timetable, if you cannot find a class that suits you then please email us so that we can look to develop new classes. Classes are tailored to suit the individual dancer and will be adjusted so that all students can gain the maximum enjoyment from their class and your precious time. There is no age limit; we welcome dancers of all ages, shapes and sizes. You are all invited to register for our classes.

We would like to encourage adults who have previously studied dance on a regular basis but have given up, as well as adults who wish to enjoy the many benefits that dance has to offer.

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Kents only recognised CDET School

Council for Dance Education & Training

The Robyn Academy is a Recognised School with the Council for Dance Education and Training and has been awarded the Council´s certificate of good professional practice. Schools awarded CDET´s Recognised School Award demonstrate to students, parents and guardians that they adhere to the standards demanded by the industry; standards designed to protect and safeguard young people whether dancing for leisure or with an eye to a career in the profession

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Welcome to Robyn Academy Dance School in Kent

07-04-2014 | FeaturedNews

At the Robyn Academy in Gravesend, you´ll find a wide choice of dance and theatre classes for children & adults taught by some of the best dance teachers in the business. Whether you are looking for a class for fun or for enhanced professional training, we have a class for you!

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Don’t Dance, compete…

25-07-2013 | FeaturedNews

So this weekend saw the Robyn Academy compete for the third time at the annual Gravesham dance festival in Gravesend. Our first two attempts in previous years were more akin to a baby´s first steps, so this year while I wasn´t expecting us to sprint, I was hoping to see some more confident strides. For a relatively new dance school which is growing from the ground up, I guess we are more or less where I expect us to be; showing some excellent signs of potential but still unsure about how to compete and how to win. The truth is that it takes time for a dance school to evolve a competitive ethos, especially when there aren´t seasoned festival goers for the younger dancers to take their que from. However we are definitely getting there with some unqualified successes; more about these in a moment.

Firstly though I wanted to comment on the adjudicator for the festival, Janice Fullman. Having been an adjudicator at a number of festivals myself, I know that it is difficult to get the right balance between critique and encouragement, and for the most part I thought she got this absolutely spot on. As a teacher I can have no complaints; she was fair, well balanced and made sure the performers understood exactly what she meant.

As with any festival there were a mixture of highs and lows. Overall our average scores have increased from last year and almost all of our performers showed at varying times throughout the course of the two days a frustratingly brief glimpse of the potential within. What the competition demonstrated is that it is practice that counts, (or as a famous footballer once said “competitive sport is 90% perspiration and 10% inspiration”). Festivals are no different, they are by definition competitive. It´s the hours in the studio and in the bedroom honing technique that give you the strength and confidence to go out and focus on delivering a performance that wows the adjudicator.

It is therefore no surprise to me that the two personal highlights were delivered in routines by students who have practised them the most and as a result improved the most. Thomas´ 2nd place in the character solo and Graces´ 3rd place in the song and dance, showed that sustained practice over a number of months beats frantic preparation the week before.

So after a few glasses of wine and a couple of days to recuperate I am now resolved to toughen up our students and embed a competitive spirit that will hopefully support them inside and out of the studio. Over the course of the summer I will be running a number of festival workshops to ready ourselves for Swale and Orpington. These workshops will run with a set of performance promises for students around timekeeping, preparation, warming up, practice and most importantly perspiration….

Lastly I wanted to save a special mention for Maureen & Jack at Bustles & Breeches for organising their 3rd Gravesham festival. It is incredibly hard work and dancing would be all the poorer if these events did not operate. They deserve our thanks for getting this festival off the ground and I hope that it continues to get bigger and better. It is a shame that only two other local Gravesend dance schools felt able to support the event.

So onwards to next year. This year for the first time we took medals and places from more established schools and for some this came as a rather rude shock. As a school we have started to establish ourselves and we have a full diary of events through to the same festival this time next year. There is no reason (or excuse) that next year the students shouldn´t compete across the board for medals and places. I almost can´t wait !!!!

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