Adult Classes

The Robyn Academy is able to offer a range of adult social classes including ballet, tap and theatre dance

Adult ballet, Adult tap & Adult jazz are already on the new timetable, if you cannot find a class that suits you then please email us so that we can look to develop new classes. Classes are tailored to suit the individual dancer and will be adjusted so that all students can gain the maximum enjoyment from their class and your precious time. There is no age limit; we welcome dancers of all ages, shapes and sizes. You are all invited to register for our classes.

We would like to encourage adults who have previously studied dance on a regular basis but have given up, as well as adults who wish to enjoy the many benefits that dance has to offer.

Adult Dance for Fun

Our adult classes are currently run just for fun however every 18 months the Academy runs a full production show which gives everyone an opportunity (if they wish) to roll back the years and show everyone what they are capable of!