Mabel Ryan Awards

11-02-2016 | News
Cecchetti Ballet

Commendation at the Cecchetti Classical Ballet Awards

Mabel Ryan Awards 2015

16-year-old Amy Waterhouse achieves outstanding success with a commendation at the world famous Cecchetti Mabel Ryan Awards held at the Lilian Baylis Theatre, Sadler’s Wells. The Cecchetti Classical Ballet Awards are a high profile annual event that offers students from around the world the opportunity to perform on a professional stage in an atmosphere of friendly competition.

The Mabel Ryan Awards are organised by the Cecchetti Group as part of the annual Cecchetti Classical Ballet Awards. Cecchetti Classical ballet has a rich heritage and history. Enrico Cecchetti was one of the most important influences on the foundations of modern Classical Ballet training.  He evolved a method of training in the 19th Century that is as relevant today as it was when he first created it.  His influence on British Ballet has been far reaching and resulted in the creation of The Cecchetti Society.  The Cecchetti principles of training continue to produce outstanding artistic and technically accomplished dancers, able to work with today´s directors across a spectrum of ballet and contemporary companies.

Amy currently attends the Robyn Academy in Gravesend and studies the Cecchetti method under the tutelage of Miss Mary Goodhew, former head of Ballet at White Lodge & Elmhurst Ballet School. Amy achieved the highest mark of Distinction in her vocationally graded examination and now adds her commendation at the prestigious Mabel Ryan Awards to her collection of achievements. Amy is now concentrating on her next vocational examination and plans to qualify as one of the very few teachers of Cecchetti Classical Ballet.

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